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A perfect mélange of quality and economy

XpertTel is operating as a carrier for Voice Traffic globally having more than 250 interconnects across the globe. The main hub of our operations is Asian region and other developing countries. Our portfolio of alcove destinations mingled with strong relationships, creates a perfect mélange of excellence and cost-cutting. This is our strong hold and enables us to acquire the most superior route for you at very competitive rates that are simply unmatched. XpertTel offer our services to both wholesale and retail carriers across the globe.

Currently XpertTel are carrying an average of over 100 Million minutes per month through our Wholesale Carrier network. Our wholesale network is based on Latest platform and offers excellent quality and the best ASR

XpertTel’s wholesale VoIP carrier network offers perfect scalability in terms of capacity and destinations. Our services are equally suitable for the carriers looking for multiple DS3 capacity, and the ones seeking an unswerving A-Z wholesale routing partner

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